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2022 Mazda CX 5 at Go Mazda in Edmonton, AB 

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The newly redesigned Mazda CX 5 offers an even more elegant take on the connection between vehicle and driver -- enhanced styling inside and out, i-Activ AWD standard on all CX 5 models, and the driving dynamics you expect from a Mazda SUV.

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i-Activ AWD uses 27 sensors designed to monitor driving conditions 200 times per second -- everything from steering angle to exterior temperature to predict and adapt to driving conditions.

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Torque is transferred to the rear wheels to deliver more traction at the moment it is needed most.

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By ensuring optimal distribution of torque and minimizing drivetrain energy loss, fuel is only used to power i-Activ AWD when necessary.

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Mazda redesigned the 2022 CX 5 for an even quieter ride by significantly reducing the transmission of noise generated by tires as well as wind -- especially at highway speeds -- so you can fully enjoy conversation, music and more. Elevate your drive with available Nappa leather-trimmed upholstery and stylish Abachi wood trim. These premium touches are designed to entice the senses. Purchase yours today at Go Mazda in Edmonton, Alberta. 

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